District Election Office


National Voter’s Day 2019

The significance of National Voters’ Day is to encourage more young voters to take part in the political process.

Date: 25/01/2019 – 25/01/2019

Venue: Stadium Umaria

Elector Detail

Assembly Female Male
Bandhavgarh-(89) 103094 108635
Manpur-(90) 111962 119082


Voter Registration Centers (VRCs) have been set up in 2 tehsils (Bandhavgarh, Manpur ) of Umaria for the purpose of providing free and fair broadcast of information and on-line availability of voting facts and voter identity card for voters. Invaluable cooperation and suggestions are requested in the participation of a strong democracy from all the citizens of the district.

डी एम् संजीव श्रीवास्तव
District Election Officer Shri Sanjeev Shrivastava
Election officials list
Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No.
1 Shri Sanjeev Shrivastava District Election Officer 07653222600
2 Shri B.K. Pandey Deputy District Election Officer 9425363462
3 Shri Harishankar Jhariya Election Supervisor 9479476527
Returning Officer (Assembly Constituency)
Constituency Name Name Mobile No
89- Bandhavgarh Shri Anurag Singh 9713813496
90- Manpur Shri Neelmani Agnihotri 9424769987
Recognized political parties
Name of political party president
Bahujan Samajwadi Party Shri Keshav Verma
Bharatiya Janata Party Shri Manish Singh
Communist Party of India Shri Rajendra Prasad
Indian National Congress Shri Rajesh Sharma
Nationalist Congress Party
Gondwana Ganatantra Party Shri Teerath Singh Markam
Samajwadi Party Shri Raju Yadav