About Umaria

Umaria district is located to the North East of Madhya Pradesh. Mathematically the coordinates of the District extend from 23°38′ to 24°20′ North and 80°28′ to 82°12′ East. It has geographical area of 4548 The greatest length of the district is about 150 km. from north to south and the greatest width is about 60km from east to west.The population of the district on the basis of 2011 census is 644,758. Out of which about 83% population resides in rural areas.
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  • Area: 4,548 Sq. Km.
  • Population: 644,758
  • Language: Hindi
  • Villages: 683
  • Male: 330,674
  • Female: 314,084
Collector/ District Magistrate Shri Dharnendra Kumar Jain