Parliament constituency Election 2024 Employee Master Database

01/01/2024 - 18/07/2024


S.No. Name of Form/Title Link Remark
1 Letter to all the offices with important instructions. Click Here Read it before working on online portal. Important Points mentioned to be taken care of.
2 Form 1(A),2(B) Click Here Fill Form 1 and send in Hard-copy to District Collectorate NIC Office.
3 CEMS Portal Link Click Here This is where all the offices needs to update information of their employees.
4 How to Work on CEMS Portal Link and other important discussion Video. Click Here This is training Video which will help offices for doing database preparation work. In Video upto 5 minutes discussion on forms and information. From 5 minutes onwards live demo of software. Please download to watch the Video.

Note -1. As per Direction of District Collector & District Election Officer Umaria, all the Employees correct information must be captured. No employee information can be left, otherwise it will be Punishable.
2. After Freezing of Data the Print of Employee Data in Hard Copy needs to be submitted in Nodal Election Manpower Office/NIC/Election office after getting sealed signed by Head of Office. If any employee information gets changed due to any reason it must get updated by the Office immediately by contacting the Technical Team as mentioned in letter.
3. In all cases, Head of Office will be responsible for any misinformation or late action because of which Election Work gets delayed or mismanaged.

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